Complete Lewd And Nude Do-S Cosplay Set By Kalinka Fox

Do-S Cosplay Set By Kalinka Fox

A Do-S Cosplay Set By Kalinka Fox leaked from her Patreon that has blown away all anime fans with her perfect figure. Featuring our favourite ecchi cosplayer, this set of 30 lewd and nude cosplay images is sure to entice you to want to see more of her.


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Do-S Ecchi

Who Is Do-S?

One Punch Man is, without doubt, one of the best post-modern laugh-out-loud action-comedy anime series. It follows the story of Saitama, a man who became a hero for fun, and his adventures with other heroes while fighting the Monster Association that threatens the human world. Following the attack from Monster Association at the ending of One Punch Man Season 2, several new monster characters made their debut, including Do-S. Here is everything you need to know about the One Punch Man franchise’s NSFW villain, Do-S.

Do-S, or Monster Princess, was a very powerful villain who desired to be the planet’s queen through the use of her hypnotic love enslaving power. She made her debut along with some other monsters in the “Monster Raid Arc.” She has a pink heart-shaped symbol on her forehead. Her eyes have pink irises and black sclera. She wears a black mask that covers her mouth, bearing fangs with a long tongue. Her blonde hair reaches down to her waist with a black flower attached on its left side. She dresses in a BDSM attire, which could be related to her dominant personality.

Do-S was portrayed as Goddess Glasses in the webcomic, but was changed in the manga and anime, because the design was made in the past by another mangaka when ONE was still unemployed.

Lewd And Nude Do-S Cosplay Set By Kalinka Fox

Today’s cosplay spotlight is on Kalinka Fox. She describes herself as “I’m a little bit of a cosplayer and a little bit of a model.” Her costumes are top-notch and the photography is excellent. Enjoy and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram!

Kalinka Fox is a Russian cosplay model who has gained popularity by showcasing her craft on her Instagram account Born on January 19, 1996, Kalinka Fox hails from Moscow, Russia. As of 2021, Kalinka Fox ‘s age is 25 years.


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