League of Legends Fans Will Love This Kalinka Fox KDA Evelynn Cosplay Set

Kalinka Fox KDA Evelynn Cosplay Set

Every League of Legends fan will love this Kalinka Fox KDA Evelynn Cosplay set that includes some perfect lewd and nude KDA Evelynn cosplays. Kalinka fox has been outstanding recently with her impressive Wonder Woman cosplay and lewd and nude cosplay collection.


Extraordinary Wonder Woman Cosplay Full Set by Kalinka Fox

We love Kalinka Fox and are happy to showcase probably the best KDA Evelynn cosplays that have ever been done.

League of Legends Kalinka Fox KDA Evelynn Cosplay Set

Nude Kalinka Fox KDA Evelynn CosplayNude Kalinka Fox KDA Evelynn Cosplay Kalinka Fox KDA Evelynn Cosplay

Evelyn is a virtual Singer from the Game League of Legends. She is a member of K/DA. It drank in all of Runeterra’s pain, which it experienced as boundless pleasure. The sensation nourished the creature, and over time, it transformed into something more. It became a demon, a ravenous spiritual parasite that fed on the basest of human emotions.

Evelynn is hard to play against because of her passive. Her passive is Shadow Walk: When out of combat, Evelynn enters camouflage and can only be seen by control wards or enemy champions.

There is a range of different ways you can counter Evelynn and stop making her so scary early game.

Deep Warding

Deep warding is one of the most effective ways to counter Evelynn. If you can see where she is on the map then she is no worry for you. If you can track where she goes in the game then you will be able to play your lane more aggressively and not need to give her respect. Because of Eve’s passive, she is only visible to certain types of wards. She can only be seen by Pink wards (Control wards) which are a version of ward that doesn’t expire until destroyed or replaced. You can use these to ward her jungle and potentially see her when she roams through her jungle.

Following on from that, you can ward the enemy jungle with green vision wards (trinkets.) Warding bushes is useless because of her camouflage. Instead, you want to ward the jungle camps instead, which will give you information to see if the jungle camp is up and to see if she has done it recently.

Using the Fruit, Scryer’s bloom and blast cones

You want to take away some of the objects that give Evelynn help early. Using the 3 objects above will help you in playing vs Evelynn and all junglers infact. Using the honey fruit is a good way to deny her health early game. Eve can sometimes have a hard time jungling especially if she had a bad leash or no leash at all. If you take away the Fruit then she will not be able to heal up forcing her to back or having to stay in her jungle and not be able to gank.

Another tip is to use the blast cones and scryer’s bloom. Because eve is so mobile, you can take away her her blast cones on her side of the jungle, making her have to walk over areas to gank. For example in the botlane there is a blast cone on each side which is a possible route to take to gank botlane. If you take this away from her then it leaves your botlane a little more safe because she won’t be coming from that part of the map. This also works for toplane, deny her the abiltiy to move around the map with the cones. You can use the scryers bloom aswell to predict where Evelynn is. First of all it can show where she is which is a huge bonus, but it also shows if her camps are up, if they are then you can presume that she has either backed, on the other side of the map or that she is about to come and get them. You should use all the other information of the game to choose and predict which is the right option.

Counter Jungling

Counter jungling is one of the best ways to put Evelynn behind early game. If you can blow her summoners, deny her CS or waste her time then its a huge bonus for your team.

When invading an Evelynn you should use all your game knowledge to guess where she is. You should also use your game information to know where she is, things to focus on specifically are is she on the map, is her camps up or is she ganking.

If she is on the map then it is safe to invade her otherside jungle camps. This is because she will not be able to contest them. While she is on the otherside of the map you should also take this oppertunity to deep ward. If her camps are up then you should take them, if they are not then you should try to decipher when they will be up. You can use the guide below to guess when they will be up. If you can deny Eve the farm and experience then you will put her behind. It will help your team out.

Alternativly, if you want to hunt for Evelynn you can go in blind and try to fight her. It is not recommended to do this with some champions espeically if they are not good at solo fighting early game. You can fight her however if you are comfortable with it. If you can kill her or blow her summoners it is a huge bonus for you and your team.


The Best Lewd And Nude KDA Evelynn Cosplay Collection

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