Liz Katz Super Mario Bros Boob Dance Video

The ever so popular Liz Katz Super Mario video has finally been added to the cospixy lewd and nude cosplay video collection.

Liz Katz Super Mario Bros Boob Dance Video


Katz was born and raised in Randolph, New Jersey. She attributes her love of gaming to simply being how she was raised: “Growing up as a kid my father forced us to play table top games, miniature war-gaming… It was just something you did in my family”. She is “half-Jewish”, and also celebrates Hanukkah and Pasover.

Katz cosplayed throughout her teens as a hobby. After a brief career in the adult film industry under the pseudonym Risi Simms, Katz created a Facebook page under her real name and began posting her cosplay work. In 2014 Katz began playing video games live on Twitch.

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