Perfect Lewd And Nude Modeus Cosplay Set By Gumiho Arts

Nude Modeus Cosplay Set By Gumiho Arts

Helltaker gaming fans will froth over this lewd and nude Modeus cosplay set by Gumiho Arts that brings the anime character to life. Gumiho Arts has lately becoming one of the most popular lewd and nude cosplayers and this Modeus cosplay cements her place in Cospixy’s Hot Cosplayer collection. 


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Lewd Modeus

Who is Modeus from Helltaker

Modeus is a nymphomaniac demon who litters her dialogue with sexual overtones, though she is rather naive when it comes to actual romance. The combination of her being a demon utterly obsessed with sex, living in hell where any sense of morality (such as consent and happiness) doesn’t exist, and the only humans she normally interacts with being corrupt sinners that only care about getting out of Hell, means the only form of “love” she knows is kidnapping and forcing men into being her Sex Slaves, with her having decided by the time the Helltaker came that breaking their legs with a hammer was the best way to keep any more “lovers” from running away from her “affection”.

It’s not until she’s exposed to human media that she comes to think that love might potentially work in tamer forms in addition to those that she’s used to, though she’s still prone to drugging and possibly kidnapping people.

Lewd and Nude Modeus Cosplay Set by Gumiho Arts

Since Modeus is already a lewd character in the video game, cosplayers have been showcasing their real life versions of her. Gumiho Arts cosplay of Modeus is one of the best of the lewd nymphomaniac demon.

Who is Gumiho Arts

Gumiho (also known as Gumi) is a German/Hungarian cosplayer, and has been living in Germany for her entire life. Her natural hair colour is dark brown and I has this beautiful natural eye colour that changes with the seasons. She speaks both English and German fluently, and is 168 cm tall.

She started to cosplay at the age of 15 when a friend asked her to duo a cosplay from Black Butler as Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus. In the end, the duo never happened, but shortly afterwards, She went to her first convention and saw all these awesome cosplayers and those events made her want more, and it never stopped. 

She now has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram and paid to view platforms like Only Fans. Her latest cosplays are all based around lewd and nudes which we are all grateful for.


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