This Samsung Sam Cosplay By Octokuro Is Everything We Wished For

Samsung Sam Cosplay By Octokuro

This Samsung Sam Cosplay by Octokuro brings the animated virtual assistant to life whilst revealing her lewd and nude voluptuous figure.


The Best Lewd And Nude Samsung Sam Cosplay Collection

Samsung Sam Lewd

Who is Samsung Sam

Step aside Alexa and Siri, a new digital assistant is taking over the Internet: Samsung Sam. A batch of 3D rendered images of a virtual woman went viral over the weekend, with millions swarming around the latest virtual human to appear online. The only catch? Samsung didn’t officially make Sam, or even acknowledge her. The original images weren’t even released by Samsung. In fact, the collection of images and sketches were made by a Brazillian design studio named Lightfarm.

With her piercing blue eyes and bob haircut, Samsung Sam looks as if Pixar recreated Flo from Progressive as a virtual assistant. Whereas the actress who plays Flo will eventually grow out of her character and Progressive will be forced to retire her human image, Sam will never age or die and has the potential to be a brand spokesperson for Samsung indefinitely. 

Samsung Sam’s viral success illustrates people’s desire for more virtual humans, even fully branded ones. Now, people are even speculating whether or not Sam could replace Samsung’s current AI assistant, the faceless and forgettable Bixby.

Lewd And Nude Samsung Sam Cosplay Set By Octokuro

Octokuro is one of the hottest cosplayers right now and her cosplay of Samsung Sam showcases why she is so popular in the lewd and nude cosplay industry. Here the full set of Samsung Sam cosplay images by Octokuro Leaked from Only Fans.

Octokuro’s lewd and nude cosplays of Samsung Sam are pretty accurate whilst still being very erotic. She has turned the virtual assistant into a busty bot that we would love to see more of in the real world.

Even if Sam isn’t technically “official” yet, Samsung Sam brings a fresh face to the table and begs us to ask the increasingly obvious question: when will Apple and Amazon elevate their virtual assistants into virtual humans?  


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