You Will Not Find A Cuter Harley Quinn Cosplay By Helly Valentine

The full set of the best Harley Quinn cosplay by Helly Valentine exclusive to the leading world wide cosplay site cospixy

The full set of the best Harley Quinn cosplay by Helly Valentine exclusive to the leading world wide cosplay blog – cospixy. Helly is a russian cosplayer and model who is known for her character designs often based around video games such as BioShock and Death Stranding. She shares photos showing off her cosplay creations through Instagram where she has amassed over 320,000 followers under the name disharmonica.


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The Best Lewd and Nude Harley Quinn Cosplay by Helly Valentine

Harleen Frances Quinzel, later known as Harley Quinn, is a fictional character in the DC Extended Universe, based on the character of the same name from DC Comics. Portrayed by actress Margot Robbie, she first appears in film in Suicide Squad, playing a major role, and also stars in Birds of Prey.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Set by Helly Valentine

As Margot Robbie’s iconic role returns to the big screen this weekend, it’s time to get to know the infamous Harley Quinn a little bit better. The bat-swinging, pigtailed character is an incredibly interesting part of the DC universe. Harley has shared storylines with a number of awesome heroes and had her share of crazed antics throughout her 28 years of existence. Did you know these things about Harley Quinn?
Harley Quinn Was Inspired By A Daytime Soap Opera

Unlike many of Harley’s scene partners, her character was actually born for Batman: The Animated Series back in 1992. When one of the show’s creators Paul Dini was developing the character, he was watching an episode of daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives. He watched an episode where Arleen Sorkin’s Calliope Jones Bradford is in a dream sequence dressed as a court jester. Thus, Harley was born.

Dog? Cats? No, Harley Quinn Is A Hyena Gal

Birds of Prey certainly has teased Harley Quinn finding companionship in a hyena named Bruce in the trailers. This isn’t a foreign storyline to comic book fans. She’s a notorious animal lover and hyenas are her choice breed of pet. It begins when Joker owns a pair of them named Bud and Lou. Except he doesn’t really care for them. They are his guard and attack “dogs”.

Harley’s Time In College Has A Huge Influence On Her Iconic Identity

Contrary to Harley Quinn’s sometimes ditz behavior, she’s an incredibly intelligent character. Interestingly enough, her early skill in gymnastics lands her a scholarship at Gotham State University. Due to her adoration for animals, she originally wanted to major in Veterinary and Biological Sciences, but ultimately decided on Psychiatry. She earned a PhD in her field and it would someday lead her to Joker.

Harley Quinn Actually Has Superpowers

Gotham is often thought of as a more grounded comic book world. Its central hero (Batman of course) doesn’t have superhuman powers and not all of the villains he comes in contact do either. Usually this includes Harley Quinn. But, with the 2011 relaunch of DC Comics known as “The New 52”, Harley was given powers.

Harley Quinn Is Wonder Woman’s Biggest Fan

The two badass characters leading the pack of 2020 releases for Warner Bros are both Harley Quinn and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. And as it turns out, the pair have a really interesting history in the comic books. Harley Quinn loves Wonder Woman to a fangirl level. She devotes a shrine to her in her place… and can we blame her?


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