Anime Fans Love This Hinata Cosplay By Lady Melamori

Hinata Cosplay By Lady Melamori

Anime fans have fallen in love with this Hinata cosplay by Lady Melamori which showcases the Naruto anime waifu in real life busty cosplay.


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Lady Melamori is a famous Cosplayer, born on January 27, 1996 in Russia. She is a content creator on several websites where fans can donate to her cosplay work. Fans can receive additional personalised cosplay and modelling content on EtsyPatreon, and Devianart.

She is another lewd and nude topless cosplayer and prop maker who is known for both designing and modelling her unique anime and fantasy inspired characters and creations. She shares her work and unique outfit creations through Instagram and twitter with her followers. She is one of the most active cosplayers in the world and is posting regular fresh content on a daily basis.

Complete Lewd Hinata Cosplay By Lady Melamori

Cospixy will be featuring all the latest lewd and topless cosplay sets by Lady Melamori as they are released.


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