Sexy Lewd And Nude Marin Kitawaga Cosplay By Lada Lyumos

Marin Kitawaga Cosplay By Lada Lyumos

Complete lewd and nude Marin Kitawaga Cosplay By Lada Lyumos featuring the popular My Dress-Up Darling character in real life naked cosplay.


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Marin Kitagawa is the leading female character in the My Dress Up-Darling anime series. She has a slim build and is taller than average with light skin. Though her natural eye color is dark brown, she typically wears dark pink color contacts, except when cosplaying. Marin has a thin waistline, silky blonde hair with pinkish-red or citrus orange tips that falls to her waist, and bangs that cover most of her forehead and eyebrows.

Two locks of hair also flow over her shoulders, ending around her chest. She styles her hair in various ways, such as long straight hair, a single ponytail, or double ponytails. Marin is a beautiful and well-liked high school student in Gojo’s class who is passionate about cosplay.

Despite her attempts to make her own costumes, she struggles to do so successfully. However, she learns that Gojo is skilled in sewing, and they bond over their shared interest in their hobbies. Marin is a cheerful person, but she is not a good cook. She enjoys watching anime and playing video games for fun, and her favorite cosplayer is Juju-san. She is emotionally mature, down-to-earth, and respectful towards others.


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    Very cute cosplay, she is absolutely beautiful. 10/10 very nicely done.

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