The Best Lewd And Nude Kaguya Luna Cosplay Collection

The Best Lewd And Nude Kaguya Luna Cosplay Collection

A collection of the best lewd and nude Kaguya Luna Cosplay images showcasing some of the hottest and popular fan service cosplayers.


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Who Is Kaguya Luna

Kaguya Luna is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on 2017. She used to be the second most subscribed Virtual Youtuber on YouTube after Kizuna AI until Gawr Gura and others surpassed her in 2020. With her style, charm and immediate success, Luna encouraged the debut of a myriad of virtual talents that transformed the entertainment landscape in Japan and the rest of the world.

The Best Lewd And Nude Kaguya Luna Cosplay Collection

Kaguya Luna is not the most popular character to cosplay even though she is climbing up the cosplay ranks due to her increased popularity. Here is a collection of the best lewd and nude Kaguya Luna cosplays featuring some of the hottest cosplayers from all over the world.

#3 Best Lewd Kaguya Luna Cosplay – 雪貓Yuki Neko

#2 Best Lewd Kaguya Luna Cosplay – MimiChan

#1 Best Nude Kaguya Luna Cosplay – Aoy Queen

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Kaguya Luna

#1 It is widely believed that the person voicing Kaguya Luna is also the creator of another Youtube channel known as PMaru-sama

#2 Luna refers to her fans as Lunafam (a pormanteau of her name and family)

#3 Because of her style of talking, Japanese fans gave her the nickname Neck Choked Hamtaro while her western fans gave her the nickname Cocaine-chan

#4 She in a video acknowledges the fact that her cleavage window in her dress makes her breast to look like a pair of buttocks and thus she earned the nickname Chestbutt, which annoys her any single time she is called like that

#5 In some fan arts and memes, she loves to drink Strong Zero, a Japanese alcohol produced by Suntory because she talks like she’s drunk and the colors of her avatar is similar to the can of Strong Zero. She even jokingly wants to be part of a Suntory TV ad

#6 Apart from using the tempura shrimp emoji in her tweets, she also uses the ASCII emoticon ∠( ‘ω’)/

#7 She calls Kizuna Ai Oyabun, while the latter calls her Tsuki-chan. Tsuki is one of the several and most common pronunciations of the kanji for moon.

#8 She calls Dennou Shojo Siro Iruka-senpai

#9 She calls Mirai Akari Mii-chan-senpai

#10 Her animated outro shows her being hit in the head with a censored object. This seems to be a reference to one of her videos where she talks about being hit in the head with a package of tofu. The censored object is a can of Suntory’s alcoholic beverage Strong Zero.

#11 She revealed that she and her character designer Mika Pikazo have founded a company called THE MOON STUDIO, which serves as her official agency and creator studio. The Moon Studio ended activities on 30 September 2019, and since then she is represented directly by the company behind her concept, Vic inc.

#12 On recent videos Luna has now a sidekick called Justin Ebiber, which is a talking Tempura Shrimp.

#13 Luna and Kizuna AI have collaborated several times. In December 2017, Luna impersonated the most popular vtubers at the moment including AI. In January 2018, AI then released a humorous video “challenging” Luna to do a collaboration but they hadn’t worked together until April Fools 2018, when they “switched bodies” and made videos impersonating each other and making a video on the other’s channel. The first time they both appeared together was during AI’s 2nd Birthday Event on 30 June 2018. AI has appeared on Luna’s showroom streams by making generous donations to her. The body switching gag was repeated again to celebrate Luna’s birthday on 30 October, 2018. They made their proper collaboration video series on 21 November 2018 in which they also gave Mirai Akari a date to celebrate her birthday.


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