Complete Lewd Wednesday Addams Cosplay By Beke Jacoba

Wednesday Addams Cosplay By Beke Jacoba

Netflix Hit Wednesday’ is trending across social media and and this lewd Wednesday Addams cosplay by Beke Jacoba is one of the best.


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Beke Cosplay (born Beke Jacoba) is a Australian cosplay model, content creator, Twitch streamer and social media personality. Beke was born on November 5, 1995, in Gold Coast Queensland, Australia She began posting on Instagram in 2014 and has built a huge following with her scantily clad cosplay photos. Beke Cosplay has a Patreon where she has 7 levels of patronage.

She said she started a Patreon because she wanted to pursue modelling and content creating full time and the platform allows her to produce better content and more frequent content thanks to the donations of her followers.

Beke also streams on Twitch, where you can find her regularly chatting and playing video games like Animal Crossing. Besides cosplay Beke is obsessed with all things geeky; from Harry Potter, League of Legends, Pokemon, Marvel and Anime. Her favorite fictional universe is The Harry Potter world and she identifies as a Ravenclaw. She has a husky named Fenrir and two cats named Dinah and Rengar.

Beke Jacoba has the looks and sexy appeal to become one of the top lewd and nude cosplayers. Cospixy will be featuring her most popular naked cosplay collections.

Complete Lewd Wednesday Addams Cosplay Set By Beke Jacoba

Beke Jacoba is back and is now showcasing the popular Netflix character in real life lewd cosplay.

Who Is Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Friday Addams is a fictional character created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in his comic strip The Addams Family. She has also appeared in television and film, in both the live action and animated formats. In most of the character’s appearances, Wednesday is a pale, dark-haired, grim-looking girl who is fascinated with death and macabre.

Young scream queen Jenna Ortega plays the titular character. Ortega was most recently seen in the latest Scream movie, as well as the A24 horror film X. She is stepping into the shiny black shoes of Wednesday Addams as she embarks on an adventure in her newest high school, The Nevermore Academy. Now older and at that age where a girl only has one thing on her mind (murder), Wednesday has to deal with latent psychic abilities, a killer monster, and worst of all, other people (ugh). Surrounded by “peers who will understand” her, as Morticia says in the trailer, it’s only a matter of time before Wednesday makes a friend, right? …Right?


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Did you like the lewd Wednesday Addams Cosplay Set by Beke Jacoba? Are there any other cosplayers as good as her? Are there any other cosplayers that should be on here? Let me know on Instagram @cospixy or better yet, just drop a comment below!

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