Nude Bunny Zero Two Cosplay By Shiro Kitsune


Complete lewd and nude Bunny Zero Two Cosplay set by Shiro Kitsune bringing the popular anime character to real life nude cosplay.


The Sexiest Lewd Zero Two Cosplay Collection Bringing The Waifu To Lifu

Shiro Kitsune is one of the most popular lewd and nude cosplayers in the world. She releases full body nude cosplays with every set and is one of the most consistent content creators. Shiro Kitsune releases her best cosplays on her Patreon account but can also be found on Cospixy.

Shiro Kitsune always has piercings in her cosplays which distinguish her from other cosplayers. Her most popular cosplays are based around trending gaming cosplay characters. She has hundreds of cosplays where she has brought fictional characters to real life and indulged in our fantasies with her lewds and nudes. 

Complete Lewd And Nude Bunny Zero Two Cosplay Set By Shiro Kitsune

Cospixy will be featuring all the latest lewd and nude cosplay sets by Shiro Kitsune as they are released.

Who is Zero Two

Zero Two is one of the main characters and the deuteragonist of the animated science fiction romance series Darling in the Franxx. She is a parasite with the blood of a Klaxosaur and a pair of red horns. She is an elite Franxx pilot and a member of the APE Special Force, but there is one problem with her. She’s also called the Partner Killer since all of her partners would die after piloting with her for the third time. It was only Hiro, the other main character and her new partner, who survived piloting with Zero Two for more than three times.

Zero Two didn’t have any regard for human life or her own as she accepted the fact that everyone will always fear her because of her Klaxosaur blood and reputation. But after spending time with Hiro as her new partner, she began to develop feelings. The combination of the character’s appearance, personality, and story make her a good option for people looking to cosplay characters from Darling in the Franxx.


The Best Nude Zero Two Cosplay Collection You Will Ever See

Complete Shiro Kitsune Cosplay Collection

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    Very cute cosplay, love the bunny wabbit ears! She’s gorgeous!

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