The Hottest Faye Valentine Cosplay Collection from Cowboy Bebop

Finally we have put together the best Faye Valentine cosplay collection for people that love the classics. In the anime classic ‘Cowboy Bebop’, Faye Valentine is a woman of many stories. Technically, she’s 77 years old due to a 54-year cryogenic sleep when she was diagnosed with an incurable condition.


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During her cryo-sleep her identity was lost and only her first name recovered. After waking up unable to pay her debts, a large bounty was placed on her head and she took on a life on the lamb. Eventually she ends up with the Bebop and becomes a bounty hunter. She’s ruthless, flirty, sarcastic, and she always, always gets what she wants.

The Hottest Faye Valentine Cosplay Collection

Since Faye is one of the hottest classic anime characters, all cosplayers absolutely desire her. Her costume is extremely sexy so these cosplay babes created their own version of Faye and brought her to life for our entertainment.

#6 Best Faye Valentine Cosplay – Danielle Denicola

Faye Valentine Cosplay Faye Valentine Cosplay Faye Valentine Cosplay

#5 Best Faye Valentine Cosplay – Kaho Shibuya

#4 Best Faye Valentine Cosplay – RolyatIsTaylor

#3 Best Faye Valentine Cosplay – Serinide

#2 Best Faye Valentine Cosplay – Zoe Wolf

#1 Best Faye Valentine Cosplay – Vinnegal

Faye’s Style

Faye frequently uses her looks to her advantage when hunting her bounty, and her outfit certainly gives you that impression. She rocks a yellow crop top, yellow daisy dukes, thigh-high stockings, suspenders, and boots. Her purple hair speaks to her adventurous and fearless nature. 

How to Dress Like Faye Valentine from ‘Cowboy Bebop’


Faye has a choppy, short, layered bob that’s a vibrant shade of purple. If you don’t want to go through the process of styling your own hair-do, snag a purple wig in a halloween store or on Amazon. Top it off with a yellow hair band to complete the look.

Faye Valentine Cosplay


Don’t be afraid to show some skin—Faye isn’t. Her clothing is minimal and she’s proud to show herself off. 

Her outfit includes a sleeveless button-down yellow shirt with a collar and a pair of yellow daisy dukes.

You can take the button-down and modify it into a crop top and cut the shorts as short as you’re comfortable with. She also wears a pair of thigh highs that vary in color—you could try to find a pair to match her purple hair.

For a little modesty, she wears a red over-shirt, but in signature Faye Valentine style, the red shirt is draped across her body hardly covering much. 

Faye Valentine Cosplay


Faye wears black suspenders which has become a distinctive part of her outfit. Even though it doesn’t appear to serve much functional purpose, suspenders are must-have for any Faye Valentine cosplay costume.

Round out your costume with a pair of black shades, white, patent-leather boots with a spike heel, and a real (or fake) cigarette to dangle from your lips.

As a good bounty hunter, she never hits the streets without her gun. So you’ll definitely need to hit the halloween store and pick up a fake handgun to complete your outfit. Happy hunting!


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