Sexy Full Body Nude Misty Cosplay By Giovanna Campomar

Misty Cosplay By Giovanna Campomar

Full body nude Misty Cosplay by Giovanna Campomar featuring the popular Pokemon anime and gaming character in real life adult cosplay.


The Best Nude Misty Cosplay Collection From The Popular Anime Pokemon

Giovanna Campomar is one of the hottest lewd and nude cosplayers in the industry at the moment. She was originally a tattoo artist and body piercing specialist but moved into cosplaying in 2023. Revealing her busty voluptuous body in all her cosplays, Giovanna Campomar has become one of the best nude cosplayers on Only Fans.

Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $9.99.

She was first a pole dancer from Brazil where she built a huge following based on her skills and looks. She is now online creating sexy full body nude cosplays of popular fictional anime and gaming characters.

Complete Lewd And Full Body Nude Misty Cosplay Set By Giovanna Campomar

Cospixy will be featuring all the latest leaked lewd and nude sets as they are released by Giovanna Compomar.

Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $9.99.
Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $9.99.
Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $9.99.

Who Is Misty

Misty is the official Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym in Cerulean City. She is known for her expertise in training Water-type Pokémon and awards the Cascade Badge to Trainers who successfully defeat her in battle.

Misty is a character in several Pokémon games including Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen, Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and Let’s Go, Eevee!. She is the second Gym Leader that players challenge on their journey in the Cerulean Gym. Misty specializes in Water-type Pokémon and uses an aggressive strategy during battles. She is an avid swimmer and trains at the Seafoam Islands, and she looks up to Lorelei of the Elite Four. Misty has a soft spot for the Cerulean Cape, which is known as a romantic date spot. She dreams of traveling the world once she becomes stronger. In addition to the Cascade Badge, she also gives out different TMs depending on the game version: TM11 (BubbleBeam) in Red, Blue, and Yellow, TM03 (Water Pulse) in FireRed and LeafGreen, and TM29 (Scald) in Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!.


The Best Pokemon Anime Misty Cosplay Collection

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    She is the definition of gorgeous, i love her tattoos and the size of her “Poke Ball”

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