The Best Nude Android 18 Cosplay Collection You Will Ever See

Nude Android 18 Cosplay

The finest cosplayers are back with their creative impressions of a nude android 18 cosplay that have anime fans falling in love. On the popular anime program Dragon Ball Z, Android 18 (also known as Lazuli) is an android creation, but was once an ordinary human.

The Best Dragonball Android 18 Cosplay Collection

She’s a devoted wife and mother, but also a beautiful and skilled fighter with incredible speed and agility. As the twin sister of Android 17, she cares a lot about her family and friends but sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her, especially when she tries to activate Android 16 in direct violation of her creator’s orders. Whoops!

If you’re a huge anime fan, you would already know who Android 18 is and you’re probably wondering what she would look like in real life cosplay form. Here is a collection of the best nude Android 18 cosplays that you will have you falling in love with her all over again.

#3 Best Dragonball Nude Android 18 Cosplay – Amy Fantasy

#2 Best Dragonball Nude Android 18 Cosplay – Jade Skyee

#1 Best Dragonball Nude Android 18 Cosplay – Beke Jacoba

Android 18 Cosplay Ideas


Android 18 has shoulder-length straight hair parted at the middle in a shade of very light blonde, with a strand of it always tucked behind her ear. To achieve this look yourself, you can dye and style your own hair or shop for a wig. Browse online costume websites and wholesalers for the right one. Don’t forget to pick up a rubber wig cap to wear underneath it so your natural hair won’t stick out of your costume!


Android 18 has many different outfits, but one of the ones she wears most often consists of a blue denim vest and matching skirt, a brown belt and boots, darker blue pantyhose and a black undershirt with long black-and-white striped sleeves. Check around online to see what you can find. Many clothing stores carry these items, or you can check thrift stores, costume shops and Halloween stores to find your favorite ones. If you’d rather try one of Android 18’s other outfits, use a screenshot of her as your inspiration and visit some clothing outlets to plan your costume.

Complexion and Eyes:

Android 18 has a pale face and light turquoise eyes. Use some light makeup foundation to get the right complexion. Shop online or at a cosmetics store for liquid or powdered foundation.

If you don’t have light blue eyes, you always order a pair of non-prescription turquoise contact lenses, but read the safety precautions on them before using.


No Android 18 costume would be complete without her small gold hoop earrings, gold-buckled belt and bright red rubber boots! Earrings can be pricey, but you can always use plastic clip-on costume jewelry if you prefer.

Check around online or at your favorite shoe store for a decent pair of bright red boots (you can use vinyl boots if you can’t find any rubber ones), and search online clothing outlets for a belt. Remember to choose a belt with a large oval-shaped gold buckle if possible!

With a costume like this, you’ll really be able to show off your love for Dragon Ball Z! Get a close friend or family member to dress up as Android 17 so you can go together to your next cosplay convention or trick-or-treating event.


I don’t understand how 16 can be so calm right now. It’s been hours since he opened his eyes let alone said anything. You’d think that he would be excited that we’re on our way to Goku’s house, but instead he just sits there like a rock.

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    I love android 18 and never thought I’d get to see a nude version of her

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