Complete Full Body Nude Misa Amane Cosplay By Aery Tiefling

Misa Amane Cosplay By Aery Tiefling 

The perfect Deathnote anime cosplay set featuring a the hottest full body bondage nude Misa Amane cosplay by Aery Tiefling.


The Best Death Note Anime Ecchi Misa Amane Cosplay

Aery Tiefling, the enchanting cosplayer hailing from the United States, has carved a niche for herself in the vibrant realm of lewd and nude cosplay content. Known for her mesmerizing blend of sensuality and creativity, Aery has become a sought-after influencer on platforms like OnlyFans and Manyvids. Through her daring and provocative cosplays, she transports her audience into a world where fantasy and allure coalesce.

Aery’s imaginative renditions of iconic characters, coupled with her slutty and charismatic performances, have cultivated a dedicated following that eagerly awaits each new creation. As a trailblazer in the nude cosplay and fantasy influencer community, Aery Tiefling has redefined the boundaries of self-expression and artistry. Her OnlyFans platform provides an exclusive space for fans to indulge in her alluring and lewd cosplays, showcasing a fusion of image, videos and unapologetic sensuality. Aery’s ability to captivate her audience with each meticulously curated photoset and video has elevated her to the forefront of the cosplay scene, where her enchanting presence continues to leave a lasting impression on fans around the world.

Complete Lewd And Nude Misa Amane Cosplay By Aery Tiefling

Aery Tiefling has been regularly featuring in our e-books and e-magazines along with some of the exclusive videos. Cospixy is proud to add Aery to out Hot Cosplayers collection and will be featuring some of her best work as it is released.

Who Is Misa Amane

Misa Amane plays a crucial role in the anime/manga series Death Note, serving as the deuteragonist. She is the romantic partner of Light Yagami and a renowned model and actress who tragically lost her parents in her childhood due to a brutal murder. Misa’s connection with the story deepens when Kira, the vigilante responsible for avenging her parents’ death, captures her heart. Unbeknownst to her, Kira’s true identity is none other than Light. In the live-action film adaptation, Erika Toda portrayed Misa Amane, while in the drama, the character was brought to life by Hinako Sano.

In the original anime series, Aya Hirano provided the Japanese voice for Misa, with Shannon Chan-Kent handling the English dubbed version. Beyond her role in Death Note, Misa Amane has garnered attention for her distinctive appearance, described as a goth-looking anime character with an appealing personality. Various cosplayers, some among the most renowned in the world, have undertaken the challenge of bringing Misa Amane to life through their cosplays. While many have celebrated her character, only a select few have dared to explore the more daring and adult side with lewd or nude interpretations.


Hottest Lewd and Nude Misa Amane Cosplay Collection

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    Nikki_boagreis says:

    Oh my what a nice…Death Note prop you have, this cosplay has won me over.
    Very nice, the cosplayer is perfect for this. The attention to detail is amazing, even has an apple in a few photos. I love this cosplay!

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    Ronni says:

    Aery Tiefling has to be the hottest cosplayer on the planet

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