The Best Lewd And Nude Tsunade Cosplay Collection

Nude Tsunade Cosplay Collection

A collection of the best lewd and nude Tsunade Cosplay images ranked by thousands of cosplay fans from the leading world wide cosplay site cospixy.


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NSFW Tsunade Nude

Who Is Tsunade

Tsunade is a character in the anime series Naruto. She is one of the legendary Sannins of the Konohagakure Village and its Fifth Hokage. She is also a descendant of both the Uzumaki and Senju clan and known as the physically strongest shinobi, as well as the best medical ninja. But Tsunade abandoned the shinobi life for a while before accepting the role of Fifth Hokage.

The repeated death of her loved ones is the main reason for turning her back on the shinobi life and for her fear of blood. Her former teammate Jiraiya and Naruto Uzumaki were the ones who convinced her to return. She lost a bet to Naruto, which made her believe in the Hokage title again. This article is a Tsunade cosplay guide.

The Best Lewd And Nude Tsunade Cosplay Collection

Tsunade is very attractive and busty cosplayers love showcasing their versions of the sexy 5th Hokage. Here is a collection of all the hottest lewd and totally nude Tsunade cosplays that will entice your fantasies.

#10 Best Lewd Tsunade Cosplay – Hana Bunny

#9 Best Lewd Tsunade Cosplay – Marizascheid

#8 Best Lewd Tsunade Cosplay – Setor

#7 Best Lewd Tsunade Cosplay – Lysande

#6 Best Lewd Tsunade Cosplay – Nikachi_tyan

#5 Best Nude Tsunade Cosplay – Julia Mi

#4 Best Nude Tsunade Cosplay – Alina Becker

#3 Best Nude Tsunade Cosplay – Hidori Rose

#2 Best Nude Tsunade Cosplay – Kenizinea

#1 Best Nude Tsunade Cosplay – Octokuro & Amber Lust

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The Naruto story is the third most popular manga series in the world; having produced a combined total of 720 anime episodes (original and Shippuden), 72 manga volumes, and 11 movies from 1995 to 2017 (not including the new Boruto anime).

Originally written and created by Masashi Kishimoto, the Naruto franchise has captured the hearts of anime lovers because of its ability to show personal development among its many characters. A common theme shown throughout the series is Naruto’s ability to never give up and the Senju philosophy of “Will of Fire.”

In conjunction with these themes, Kishimoto also portrays his characters’ personal flaws. This technique of writing allows the audience to establish a personal connection to the characters of the story whether, they are good or evil (like Sasuke). Tsunade is a perfect example of a character who has plenty of personal flaws and fears, but can overcome them for the greater good of the village and her overall growth into a great kunoichi.

Tsunade (綱手) is known by many names, most importantly as Fifth Hokage (五代目火影, Godaime Hokage) and Konoha’s Slug Princess Tsunade (木ノ葉のナメクジ綱手姫, Konoha no Namekuji Tsunade-hime).

While considered the most beautiful kunoichi in the world and a great healer, Tsunade has plenty of secrets. 

Ecchi Tsunade


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The name Tsunade (綱手) is often translated to mean “mooring rope.” While this may be a version of her translated name, it doesn’t match her name as it is used in the Naruto story. Names are very important in storytelling, often giving purpose and meaning to the character.

The translation gets misinterpreted with one particular symbol (綱). In the Japanese to English translation this means “mooring rope,” but when translated using simplified Chinese, the name can mean “steel hand.” The latter making way more sense than the English version.

Because all languages contain idioms, the controversy of the true meaning of Tsunade’s name continues to date. However, by factoring in her personality and characteristics, it only seems natural that Tsunade’s name should mean “steel hand.”


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