Sexiest Nude Samus Cosplay By Shiro Kitsune

Samus Cosplay By Shiro Kitsune

Complete lewd and nude Samus Cosplay by Shiro Kitsune bringing the popular Nintendo video game – Metroid character to real life.


The Best Nude Samus Aran Cosplay Collection You Will Ever See

Shiro Kitsune is one of the most popular lewd and nude cosplayers in the world. She releases full body nude cosplays with every set and is one of the most consistent content creators. Shiro Kitsune releases her best cosplays on her Patreon account but can also be found on Cospixy.

Shiro Kitsune always has piercings in her cosplays which distinguish her from other cosplayers. Her most popular cosplays are based around trending gaming cosplay characters. She has hundreds of cosplays where she has brought fictional characters to real life and indulged in our fantasies with her lewds and nudes. 

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Who Is Samus Aran

Samus Aran has fought her way across the galaxy on a quest to destroy the Metroids, a species of deadly space creatures. As a skilled athlete with a high-tech Power Suit, Samus is Mother Brain’s worst enemy. As an Arm Cannon-wielding fighter, she’s a dangerous foe (and playable character!) in the Super Smash Bros. series of games.

Metroid makes it clear that the Metroid are a parasitic threat that must be destroyed at all costs. This makes it quite compelling when Samus herself becomes infected with Metroid DNA as a controversial strategy to keep her alive. The biological cocktail inside of Samus grows more complex since there’s human, Chozo, and Metroid DNA coursing through her veins.

Samus has been able to prosper through her complicated relationship with the Metroid, but it’s also made her a target. Samus is repeatedly hunted by the robotic E.M.M.I. in Metroid Dread because of the Metroid DNA inside of her.


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Complete Shiro Kitsune Cosplay Collection

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    Very cute cosplay, love the metallic bodysuit and micro bikini.

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