Complete Nude Velma Cosplay Set By Alice Bong

Velma Cosplay Set By Alice Bong

Complete lewd and nude Velma cosplay set by Alice Bong featuring the popular cartoon character in real life full body nude cosplay.


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Alice Bong is a lewd and nude cosplay content create creator from Poland. She was born on May 29, 1996. She shares all her latest lewd and nude content on her OnlyFans paid profile account. She mostly goes by the name Hheadshhot and she is one of the top model on Pornhub and Modelhub.

If you have ever wanted to see your favorite hentai characters come to life? Chances are highly likely that the busty, ero-cosplayer and pornstar Alice Bong has cosplayed that character and transformed it into a steamy live-action porn video. This Polish porn starlet has been pleasing her audience ever since she debuted back in 2018.

Alice Bong produces her own hot adult films which she shares among her fans on popular online platforms such as OnlyFans, Fancentro and Manyvids. But besides her own erotic cosplay works, Alice Bong and her big rack has been featured on plenty of famous porn websites as well!

Complete Lewd And Nude Velma Cosplay Set By Alice Bong

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Who Is Velma

Velma was introduced as one of the protagonists of Scooby-DooWhere Are You! in the show’s first episode, which aired in September, 1969. The original series ran for two seasons, but it went on to inspire numerous incarnations and spin-offs, totaling over 400 episodes and dozens of films.

Velma became known for a number of traits which are sometimes referenced in pop culture. She is portrayed as the smartest of the show’s protagonists and is often the one to solve an episode’s central mystery. She is also known for wearing an orange turtleneck sweater, black glasses, and knee-high socks. A running gag that started in the show’s first episode has Velma frequently losing her glasses.

Adult viewers (or adults who watched Scooby-Doo as children) have insinuated that Velma may be a lesbian. This idea has been played on in popular culture. In the 2001 comedy movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a Velma-like character in a dream sequence is implied to be a lesbian. James Gunn, the screenwriter of the live-action 2002 Scooby-Doo movie “nodded” to the idea in his script, but insinuations did not make the final cut.


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